Christ our Saviour

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We encourage you to test what the presenter presents/says against the Bible

presented by:  David Asscherick

 1. Understanding Bible Prophecy
  2. How Ancient Babylon Fortold the END of the WORLD
  3. How Near is the End?
  4. Bible Prophecyís Answer for Human Suffering
  5. The War behind the Wars - Part 1
  6. The War behind the Wars - Part 2

  7. Does Jesus Have a Twin?
  8. The Actual, Definite, Certain Unavoidable Identity of the AntiChrist
  9. The Rock that simply will not roll - Part 1
10. The Rock that simply will not roll - Part 2
11. How Jesus Christ will Defy the Skeptics and Return to Earth
12. How to Get and Remain Undeceived

13. There Really is a Final Judgement ... but donít be afraid, itís GOOD News.
14. Perfect Prophetic Proof of Jesus Christís Identity
15. When Will the The Final Judgement Take Place?
16. How to Face Death Unafraid
17. The How to Postpone Your Funeral
18. The Good News about Hell

19. How to get the Mark of the Beast
20. The United States Amazing Role in Prophecy
21. Babylon is Alive and Well
22. God has a Church on Earth .. no Kidding
23. Who is Real Israel?

24. How to Get On and Stay On the Straight and Narrow

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